Peace The Old House Soul Game

Peace The Old House Soul

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In Elliot's journeys around the world, he had always been one eye out to something which had always eluded his radars. There was this soul which was very old and for decades he had been trying to capture it. That soul have not met rest ever since and so does Elliot, he must get it for that soul can influence and be influenced with any energy it gets itself near to, most especially human energies. Stories from before a hundred years ago stated that the spirit have once made an entire village chaotic, some measures had to be placed except one which was so important that it should have been done before but unfortunately it wasn't, and that is to capture it and really put it to rest. So that day Elliot decided that he'll do it for he thinks he had enough confidence and experience fighting different spirits which needs or is needing help. But this one spirit he must take note is not ordinary.

The location is in an old haunted house and Elliot only followed stories as well as signs which were very faint until it led him there. Elliot might needs some help here, will you play as him and see if you'll have courage for this mission? It's kind of like a rescue, but an extra dangerous one.

Peace The Old House Soul is a brand new point and click scary escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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