Pastor Escape

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Pastor Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by 8b Games for another potentially daring rescue here with us. Best of luck!

Nicholas went to the suburbs for he was asked to get the pastor there from his home for he unfortunately had some car trouble, now the church session will start soon and he has to get there quick. Little did Nick know though he’ll find more trouble there in the house of the pastor. Nicholas drove there and when he arrived, he quickly called for the pastor bad weirdly enough he didn’t come-out, and Nick was hearing a muffled sound from inside the house somewhere. That made him enter the premises and there he discovered that the pastor was actually trapped inside one of the rooms in there!

Now what kind of trouble did he get himself into now? Must’ve been an accident and surely enough Nicholas has to rescue the pastor so he can get some answers what really happened and also, so he can bring him to the church. Escape players, Nicholas only expected a pick-up and now here is a rescue. Come and join Nick here then everyone, use your skills and logic so you can all rescue the pastor who is trapped in his own home. Have fun with us daily everyone!

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Walkthrough video for Pastor Escape

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