Pastel Forest Escape Game

Pastel Forest Escape

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The forest has these different colors and Hailey was excited, for she is going to go on an adventure there! It's going to be a different journey this time, for she is not going to do her usual thing like entering the forest and leaving then, she will be going through the forest to deliver something to the next village where some of her relatives lives. She has never done this before at least alone, but she knows she won't get lost there for she knows the way. Well that's what she knows, but the forest will have something different for her there.

Hailey was following the trail as usual, but along the way however she initially noticed that her journey wasn't getting easier, she kept going though until finally, she is lost! Hailey have been caught off guard here and she didn't expect this at all to happen, but she needs to do something now or she'll be spending the night there in the cold dark forest. Escape players, you are now Hailey here and the situation is yours to solve. Will you be able to get where you need to before the sun sets?

Pastel Forest Escape is a new wilderness escape game developed by Games 2 Rule.

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