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Party Room Escape
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Phoebe's house is so big that it had various rooms and it even has party rooms where people can be when there is a celebration, she decided to make that for the last party really trashed her living-room and other rooms, she doesn't want that to happen again that's why she'll isolated the people in a single big room. Later that night, Phoebe will be having a party and that's why she is preparing everything in the party rooms as quickly as she can, her helpers have already left to buy more things and that's why when the one problem which was a major one occurred, she had no help for she was alone!

Phoebe got trapped in the party rooms and she was mystified how or why for this had never happened before, that got her pretty concerned for she already has a lot on her plate and then there was this strange happening. She needs to get those doors opened before her window to prepare is over, she also doesn't want to destroy the door for that is the only thing that's holding the people to enter the main rooms, that's why escape players she is going to need your help. Will you help Phoebe here out by opening her locked doors as quickly as possible? Solve this one then and make use of everything you will find in the party room.

Party Room Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Fun Escape Games.

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