Party Balloon House Escape Game

Party Balloon House Escape

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You really miss your friend so much so you paid her a visit. You brought food that you can share together while bonding. There is nothing that you can imagine but good times with your friend. She is glad that you came over and she is very eager to let you in. However, you excitement suddenly stopped when you saw the party balloons in the house. It's not that you are sad that you didn't get an invite from last night's party but you are just afraid of the balloons. You hate it when balloons pop and you find it really scary. You don't want your friend to know about this little secret of yours so you have to escape from the house as soon as possible.

However, there is a problem that you have to face before you can escape from the room. The door won't open and you can't find the key anywhere. Because of that, you have to look for alternative items that you can use to open the door. There are also puzzles in the room that you will encounter and you need your logic for those. Party Balloon House Escape is the newest room escape game by WoW Escape. Good luck!

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