Park Escape (8b Games) Game

Park Escape (8b Games)

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You were walking towards home one night. You ate out so you didn't have to do the dishes. This gave you more free time to do something else. You looked out your window and saw that the park looked so inviting. So you went down to spend some time there. The night breeze was blowing gently and you felt so relaxed. It was like the stresses of this day were blown away as well. You closed your eyes to feel more relaxed. And it felt great. However, you were starting to feel sleepy. So you opened your eyes once more. There were less and less people around. This time, you focused on the skies. It was filled with stars. And you couldn't help but bathe in its beauty. You saw an airplane passing and you somehow wished you were inside traveling somewhere else.

Your thoughts made you smile. Travel was your number one motivation. So you closed your eyes once more to imagine your dream destination. Then you heard a gate closing. Your mind was thinking it was the gate at your parents' house. But you realized you were outside in the park. You scrambled to get up but it took a while for you to reach the exit. The locked gates shocked you. So you need to find your own way out. Play Park Escape (8b Games) outdoor escape game by 8b Games.

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