Paranormal Forest Escape Game

Paranormal Forest Escape

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As forbidden as the land is, people still enters the forest which has very out of this world things and in the end most of them never get out from there. Those who make it out however are the cowards and because of that they get to keep their lives unlike the arrogant ones who chose to stay even though it's clearly not safe in the place anymore. Edgar's brother was one of those who never came back and he knows that his brother can get pretty overconfident at times, but Edgar stays on the safe side and never sets foot in the place. It had been a year since he last saw his brother, still he clings on to hope that his brother may still be alive, so that day with all the courage that he mustered, he finally enters the forest alone and at least prepared with all the gear he has.

Edgar continues down the path even though there are now shadows following him, he just focuses on what he came for and that is his brother. After a while, Edgar thought he couldn't take it anymore so he turned back and left with the promise that he'll return with a party, but that's if he can escape from there first, for he is now lost! Escape players, Edgar is being bombarded by the wailing and the apparitions coming from all directions in the forest, will you be able to help him out by placing yourself on his shoes?

Paranormal Forest Escape is the newest point and click scary wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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