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Paradise 01

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The abandoned town which was miles away from any nearby populated area, had always been some sort of paradise to Clint. Less pollution, less noise, no people at all to mingle and adjust to with. That's why he had been coming from time to time just to relax and to reiterate himself by being alone. He is not really an introvert, the daily grind is really wearing him thin for he thought he might be sensitive to different people's energies. The town was filled with old and rusty structures as well as a lot of huge ruined warehouses, Clint had always been pondering what are those for and why a lot of them are in this town. That's why Clint did something there which he hadn't done before and unfortunately, that got him in some trouble!

Clint went further and further into the town for he was amazed how much stuff are in this place which got abandoned, but then he got lost and because he came alone, nobody will be coming to rescue him! It was just a slight turn and now he is lost? This place is truly something, Clint decided eventually to just get back now for if he gets lost even more then darkness will come and this place will be engulfed by it.

Join in the escape here everyone! Paradise 01 is a brand new point and click abandoned place escape game released by 5n Games.

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