Parachute Escape Game

Parachute Escape

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Assume in this game you are the Foreign Secretary of your country who have been trying to build up a relatively good relationship with every country on the Earth. One day you got a phone call from one of your best friends who also was the prime minister of a small but rich country. He invited you for a meeting where you could discuss an important collaboration between the two nations. He planned to invest a lots of money to improve the production of some factory and sell the goods for your fellow country. You accepted his invitation and considered it as a good opportunity to meet him. The next morning you were already having a journey in really bad conditions with your own airplane. Above somewhere the mountains a lightning hit the plane and you crashed. The emergency phone was lost somewhere among the debris so you couldn't call fro help. Find hidden objects and fit them together to get out from the scene as fast as possible. Good luck!



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