Pappu and Puppy Escape Game

Pappu and Puppy Escape

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You're new to the place. Your parents used to live here when they were just starting out. It was a municipality back then. And instead of going forward, the place seemed to move backwards. No new buildings were built. Instead, they just slowly rot away. It was slowly turning into a desert. And the place just simply looked bleak. You didn't want to inform your parents about this though. You felt so bad about having to tell them that the place they created their memories was slowly disappearing. So you walked around wanting to clear your mind of worries. Then you spotted a girl. She was alone and seemed to be waiting for something. You asked her what she was doing standing all alone. However, she instantly cried. You instantly calmed here as you didn't want other people to get the wrong idea.

A few moments later she began talking about her puppy. She let the puppy off the leash so it could explore the place. But she was not expecting to lose it. And now she felt so hopeless for she's been looking for half a day already. You believed you found something that'll lift your spirits up. So you decided to help her search for the puppy. Play Pappu and Puppy Escape outdoor escape game by Kidzee Online Games.

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