Pam’s Room

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Pam’s room here is getting pretty weird, for things happen there and strangely people who goes in it is given the feeling of sadness. That’s weird but things happen there and most of the time, Pam is the only one not affected. As much as her parents wants her not staying in there, they really couldn’t get her away from it for there is no spare room in the house and she herself wouldn’t be part from it. That day though, they will surely get her away from it, for that day while her father was in the room trying to fix something, he got mysteriously trapped inside it!

Pam’s father couldn’t get out of the room anymore no matter how he tried to open the door! And right-now that sense of sadness is getting intense for him, it’s really weird. This will be the last straw for him here, nobody is going in the room anymore especially his daughter. But first he needs to get out of it though before something else happens in there which he wouldn’t like. Escape players, you are now Pam’s father here and the escape is yours to accomplish. Will you be able to get yourself out of the room as quickly as possible and of course safely?

Pam’s Room is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Slimomo.

Walkthrough video for Pam’s Room


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3 months ago

Even for serious groups like WoW are now far from the best times after moving to html5. But when cobblers start programming…