Pale Insect Escape Game

Pale Insect Escape

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Norman have perfected the skill and art to train insects as small as flies, even though they have short lifespans, he can train them with just enough time and then after they have fulfilled their mission, they are free. Because of those skills, Norman was commissioned a task to spy on the kingdom for there are rumors that the king is hoarding everything and leaving scraps only for his people. Even though it's okay for a king to be rich, hoarding the riches and not making it up for the people is another thing and because they are all poor, Norman agreed on this for the only things that can enter the place are his trained insects. But that day however he is getting quite uneasy, for his insects are suppose to gather in an area to relay what they all saw and then give the information back to Norman, but one of them never returned and it was even this gifted one of his which was pale in color!

Norman needs to get that one of a kind animal of his wherever it is or information will not be complete and right-now, he is getting quite uneasy here. Escape players, that insect is likely in the palace where he had sent it, but how will he get it if he can't even get in? There was also the fact that the insect could be somewhere else other than the palace. Will you help Norman here now so they can all move to the next phase of their plan?

Pale Insect Escape is a new animal rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.


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