Palatial Villa Escape Game

Palatial Villa Escape

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There is this one house in the old town that's luxurious, at least back in the days but even then it stands-out for the other houses near it are decent. Through the years though a lot of renovations and additions have been done to the place, some of the rooms are modern while others are the same. Some of the rooms were even a mix of both and it looks different. That day as a person who lives in the city, Greg heard about the place so he went there to see the place for himself. As a person who loves history, he wanted to check it out for maybe he can find-out something about it that will interest him, and of course he will for the place was rich in history. Unfortunately too, another thing which wasn't really good.

Greg was looking around the rooms unattended for it seems that the caretaker was lazy in helping him, that's okay for he already knows his way around, or does he? As Greg was checking a room there, something seems to have happened to the door for he could no longer open it! Greg called for help then but nobody responded. Greg thought maybe the caretaker did this to him? Why though? For there is no reason for him to do that. Greg thought maybe it's just the door jamming? And that's why he needs to get out of there right-now! Escape players, Greg doesn't want to destroy anything in the room, but he does want to get himself out from there. Will you help him out then?

Palatial Villa Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Ekey Games.

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