Palace Precious Treasure Escape Game

Palace Precious Treasure Escape

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The prince who was now king gave a secret mission to the kingdom's greatest investigator and for that task and title, it was Rolland's and he must accomplish that. The task was about the castle's hidden treasures, the prince just read something from the tome of the kings which only kings can access that somewhere in the walls of the kingdom are doors, and in it is the hidden treasure stash! It was a collection of the previous kings and it can be used to strengthen the kingdom or pay debt to other kingdoms for the betterment of the land it is governing. It hadn't been used for three generations and that's because the kingdom was in an age of peace and bounty, now that it faces a very deadly invasion from a far superior kingdom, those treasures must be found so it can help protect the place and everything in it especially its people.

Rolland now has a very critical job here of finding the hidden treasure which nobody knows but the current king's father and his father, and now he must help his king on this and nobody else should know about it. Escape players, Rolland is going to go on a treasure-hunt here in a place he really didn't expect, he has access to everything now so will you join him on this important request?

Palace Precious Treasure Escape is the newest point and click search escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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