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Palace Hotel

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You want to feel what a royalty feels like you so checked into the Palace Hotel. In this hotel, all of the staffs treat you like a king. They give you anything that you want. In fact, you had your breakfast in your king size bed this morning. However, those services have something in return. When you are about to check out, you saw your bill and it is too huge. Only a real king can afford this thing. There is nothing you can think of but you escape from this hotel. However, it is not that easy to escape from here. Just like a real palace, there are also knights and guards around the place. Because of that, you have to be quick and look for clues that can help you for your escape plan.

Thankfully, there are items in this hotel that can help you out. But even with the help of those clues and items, you still have to use your logic to get away from here. You can't stay here for to long so you have to move fast. Play this brand new room escape game by First Ecape Games and escape from the Palace Hotel. Good luck!

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