Painter House Escape

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The painter’s house is quite the colorful place, it was different for Ella, for she thought that places of different persons doesn’t really get affected by their occupations, but this house proved her wrong a bit for this painter’s place is kind of like a canvas. Guess if one is passionate about something even if it’s their job, everything in their lives gets affected even their own premises. Ella is there for the day for she needed to inquire this painter’s services and because he is highly recommended, she came personally so she can ask him to do a project with her place. As she went in the house she noticed some muffled sounds, it was strange but not as strange as what situation Ella is going to face there.

Ella looked for the painter and every time she called for him in his house, she keeps hearing this muffled sound coming from a room there somewhere. Okay, this seems to be a bad time and Ella is getting concerned now, maybe she’ll just leave and probably call the cops for she has a bad feeling about this. Well that’s if she can escape the house first though, for now she is trapped in there for she couldn’t open the doors! Ella is very confused what is happening, there is definitely something going-on here right-now and she is getting very concerned. Escape players, imagine you are in Ella’s shoes here everyone, will you be able to escape the house so you can then find-out what’s happening from the outside?

Painter House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Painter House Escape

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