Oymyakon Escape

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Santa has sent one of his helper elves to an important errand and it’s one that must be done every year. Nobody really knows what’s the purpose of this, but Santa’s orders were to check this place and then report what they’ll find there. The helper elf that had been sent was Edmond and his instructions were to check this house in a specific area in the forest and then return with what he’ll see there. Seems pretty easy enough, except for the part that he had to tread through the cold and snow just to get there. But little did Edmond know, something more will be happening to him there.

Edmond arrives at the house and he will now check the place, he went inside and then took a look around. The house seems normal and not really weird, but he is still having questions though of who this place even belongs to. Edmond was satisfied with what he found there and tried to leave. But then he realized there was a problem, for he could no longer escape the house! Edmond is now concerned of what’s happening to him in there, he doesn’t like this anymore. Okay then escape players, Santa’s helper elf here who was Edmond needs help, will you help him escape for he really doesn’t know what just happened there? Quickly then for there are still a lot of questions marks here concerning this lone house in the snowy wilderness.

Oymyakon Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Nsr Games.

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Walkthrough video for Oymyakon Escape

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