Owl Rescue From Old House

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Randall have no idea why he found a cage with a big owl in it in a room at the old house where he came from, but he is now trying to gather some things so he can return there and free that bird. Randall have always been curious of this big old house near their home, he had been going in and out of the place for years, but he still thinks there is more to find in that place which he haven’t uncovered yet. At the moment though Randall is getting a bit concerned, for somebody placed that owl there and Randall have no idea yet whoever that is.

Escape players, imagine you are Randall here and you are going to gather tools which can help open that small cage there where the big owl is being kept. You need to free it for such an owl is rare in this place and their numbers are dwindling. Will you be able to free the owl and carefully so it won’t get hurt? Be alert as well then for this mysterious person who brought this thing here.

Owl Rescue From Old House is a new animal rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Owl Rescue From Old House

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