Overjoyed Bunny Escape

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In the village where everyone lives off from the forest, they must all still follow rules for it’s only for their best interests and the forest’s as well. But in every community though there was always this one unruly and bitter individual and he never really follow rules. That individual is a hunter and after all he has done, they can’t really kick him out for they are not like that. That day however, as one of the officials in the village, Luke decided to follow this guy again for he is going-out hunting which currently is not allowed for it is off season. Luke wants to catch the guy on the act before he takes a shot at an animal he is sighting, but little did he know he wasn’t going to use his gun for this one.

Luke saw the man pick something up in the brush, it was a cage and inside it was a rabbit! Now he is getting unruly here again, but Luke cannot confront the man at the moment for they are alone and he has a weapon so, anything bad can happen there. Luke followed the man to the village up to his home as he brings the rabbit in secretly, now Luke will do what he had been holding to do as he follows the guy, he will finally confront him. But first, that rabbit’s safety must be ensured and that’s why he’ll rescue it as gently as he can to set it free in the wilderness after, that will not be very easy however. Escape players, Luke here is going to rescue that rabbit in anyway he can, will you help him out here so that this will be a successful rescue?

Overjoyed Bunny Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 4 King.

Walkthrough video for Overjoyed Bunny Escape


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