Overjoyed Boy Escape Game

Overjoyed Boy Escape

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Randy went to this kid's home for he decided that he'll invite him once again to a fishing trip in the ocean, the boy had long wished for that but his mother wouldn't allow him, but that week his mother was going on a business trip and nobody will be left to take-care of her son, so she finally decided to allow him but only Randy should promise to keep her son on a life-vest and in his sights at all times. That overjoyed the kid and that day it was finally time! The kid's mother had already left and now it's time to get that boy up for the trip. Upon Randy's arrival, the kid quickly went active, running around gathering his gear, but because of that however Randy ended-up trying to rescue him for he got accidentally trapped in his room!

So much for being overjoyed, now the kid is in an issue which Randy must solve. Escape players, the kid is trapped in his room for he carelessly didn't think about his busted door because he was excited, will you place yourself on the shoes of Randy here for the rescue?

Come and give this one a try then! Overjoyed Boy Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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