Otter Escape Game

Otter Escape

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The forest is your second home where you mostly spend your free time. Today you want to see what's happening there after spending too much time working. On your way towards the middle of the forest, you meet a bear. Most people would run away from the bear. However, you knew this bear when it was still a cub. You even gave it some food to eat before winter. It knows you but you know you still can't be too careful around it. You smile at it and make your bear gesture to let the bear know you'll be on your way. The bear let you off without any trouble. A few steps away from the first one, you meet another one. For so many years that you keep on coming back to this place, you know that when there are more than one bear, it means trouble.

Then again, you don't want to startle the bears. So you slowly and stealthily follow them. They're walking towards one direction and you somehow know they'll have an otter soon. They're just two very playful bears but that doesn't put your mind at ease for whatever creatures they lay their paws on. Play Otter Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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