Ortha Care Hospital Escape Game

Ortha Care Hospital Escape

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Working out has not been an option for you lately. This is because of your busy schedule at work. You know for sure that exercising is the thing that you have to do everyday. This makes you healthy and makes your bones stronger. However, you really don't have time for that. You thought that you can go through  the day without exercising but today, it paid off. You were trying to stretch on your way to the bed when your back cracked. Thankfully, the situation is not that worse. However, you can't take this for granted. Because of that, you quickly visited the ortha care hospital the next morning. You thought that this can ease the pain but you gained more pain when you realized that you can't find the way out.

Your checkup is over but seems like you can't go home yet. Everybody seems so busy and no one can help you to find the right path. Thankfully, there are clues around the place that can lead you to the right way out of the hospital. You just have to use your logic to get away from this place quickly. Ortha Care Hospital Escape is the newest room escape game by Games 2 Rule. Good luck!

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