Oriental City Escape (365 Escape) Game

Oriental City Escape (365 Escape)

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Amidst the modernity everywhere, the town where Ryu lives is quite the old place and it only changed a few through the generations. The people there like to keep everything as it is and maintains their traditions that's what. Everyone was happy with that for things are much better than the complicated city life of everyday. Ryu agrees as well and he is pretty much contended with the life he has now. That day, he was even going to deliver some goods to his mother's customers, but he noticed something pretty strange though as he goes along.

Ryu ventures around the snaking pathways of his old town and he noticed that there seems to be only a few people around. That's quite weird for the area was only packed to not-so packed most of the days and this has never happened before. It got even stranger when he was about to get back home for he is feeling weird, for he could no longer navigate for the place he was in does not look familiar anymore! Escape players, Ryu is in quite a situation here he just couldn't understand, this might get worst so will you help him to find his way at least?

Oriental City Escape is another new point and click area escape game made by 365 Escape.

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