An orange octopus looks around for an exit in Orange Octopus Escape game.

Orange Octopus Escape

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The orange octopus awakens from its sleep. It’s been feeling under the weather because it’s sad for losing it’s friend, the pink octopus. It’s inside an aquarium opposite to a bookshelf by the window. The orange octopus scans the area because it needs to plan an escape. Finally, the sea creature sees a good route from the aquarium to the exit.  Carefully, its tentacle reaches for for the aquarium’s edge and pulls itself upward following a push of the lid. Sliding down from the aquarium, the octopus gasps for air and sees a pitcher of water. Heading towards it, the orange octopus suddenly feels a vibration on the floor. Someone is coming! It quickly deviated towards under the couch to wait awhile. The orange octopus, this time, needs to finally escape.

Orange Octopus Escape is an exclusive game developed by Ainars for Escape Fan. Help the orange octopus escape the locked house by solving puzzles!

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Walkthrough video for Orange Octopus Escape

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