Orange Octopus Escape RE

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The orange octopus which was a being that continuously gets away from your grasp is finally trapped in a room there! You have been trying to get it but because it is good at escaping and has excellent memory, plus it has magical capabilities, it’s really hard to catch and sometimes even contain. But now you have cornered and stifle a bit of its movements, now it is time to get this creature sealed, but first though you need to get out of the rooms for you really went out of your way just to catch it, even trapping yourself too.

Escape players, you are on this situation actually, and escaping from the rooms here isn’t that easy and you know it for you helped put this place up. Will you be able to get out still and get this orange octopus which you have wasted so much effort and time to capture, into a secure facility before it causes more trouble someplace else?

Orange Octopus Escape RE is an edition of old hidden objects/room escape game created by Ainars for Escape Fan. Find some items and solve some puzzles here to get the Orange Octopus out from the house and into a containment place.

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Walkthrough video for Orange Octopus Escape RE

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11 months ago

Admin, I don’t want to upset you, but it got much worse. First, image scaling stopped working. It used to work great, but now – alas! The browser extension “Fullscreen Anything” now does not take the game window at all for an object for possible scaling and tries to scale … a preview with an octopus in the upper left corner.
And second: this task with the search for five differences has been added completely for nothing. The picture may be classic, but VERY low resolution. You can catch the differences on this only by accidentally bumping into it with the mouse. In short, the five-differences idea is absolutly STUPID.

11 months ago
Reply to  Escaper Joe

It depends on HOW you change the scale. If you change the scale of the ENTIRE page, then it is completely uninteresting. I don’t know if you know, but Flash had the ability to make a full screen of ONLY the Flash window itself. Some browsers already had this property from the start, others had extensions. The “FullScreen Anything” extension does the same for html5 – it changes the scale of ONLY the game window, and it does it quite correctly, unlike the “built-in” fullscreen in Games4King. This is why I am referring to “FullScreen Anything” as a standard. But, of course, whether to fix bugs in their games or not is entirely at the discretion of the developers. I’m just telling you how it looks from the clients’ side.