Old Wooden Cottage Game

Old Wooden Cottage

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The old cottage still has some secrets that nobody have uncovered up to the present day, one of which is the place being strange for it sometimes traps the people inside it and it will only let them out at a certain time! That's one strange thing indeed, but Sam however is aiming for something else, like the treasure that's possibly hidden in the rooms there! Sam knew about that for he had been investigating about the place for quite a while, so when he got the chance to finally enter the place, he really took it and now he is inside. But he has no idea though what he'll face there and it's going to be something else than what he is trying to find.

Suddenly, one of the strange occurrences of the house came to be and it's not the hidden treasure showing itself to him in a silver platter, but he is trapped in the place now for the house is keeping him in! It's the one thing that Sam doesn't really want to happen to him, but he had expected this somehow. Escape players, want to help Sam here and see if you can get through the place's challenges as well?

Old Wooden Cottage is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Hidden247.

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