Old Village Escape (Games 2 Mad)

(40 votes, average: 4.83 out of 5)

The old village is kind of confusing to journey into and as a person who went there that day, Ashlee was thinking, was this ever the smartest thing to do? Well at first it was and now he is lost in the area and with nobody to ask for help! Well that’s because the people have somehow all returned to their houses and they wouldn’t come out. Okay, this is also getting creepy for him and this isn’t a good adventure anymore. It was a shame though, he loved the place’s classic designs and now he wants to get away from it.

Escape players, Ashlee is concerned for his safety now and what made that so is the villagers entering their house altogether at a specific time. Why was that so? Is there so monster that would come out from the nearby forest and hunt whoever is out? Or what about dark magic that would curse anyone it comes across that isn’t in their homes? Ashlee cannot put all those things in his mind right-now for those thoughts will only get him into more danger. But he can’t just help it now, and really he needs help here to escape the place and quickly before the unknown here finally shows itself. Will you be that help here so that Ashlee can move safely out of there?

Old Village Escape is a new outdoors escape game developed by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.