Old Villa Escape 2 Game

Old Villa Escape 2

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One of your ancestors, Julius Boginus, was a rich Roman landowner, who lived in a villa near to Rome. At least, according to the findings of the family tree researcher whom you hired to explore the history behind your family. You looked into the the villa's story and found out that currently it has no owner at all. Maybe, if the relationship is proven, you'll inherit the villa. This is what you thought, so you decided on visiting the villa and asking around a little bit. When you arrived, for your greatest surprise, the villa wasn't empty. A strange, old gardener was working in the backyard. He said, once he received an anonymus letter, which told him to keep the villa in a good state and in return, he would salary from an anonymus person. He offered to show you around. In a sudden moment, he smashed the door behind you, locked it and ran away. It seems there was something else in that letter as well. Let's escape. Good luck!

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