Old Tribe Forest Escape Game

Old Tribe Forest Escape

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You were walking through the forest when you heard something. You heard a mass voice so you followed that sound. This forest is indeed very bushy so what you saw really surprised you. You thought that only birds and animals live in this forest but you are wrong. There are people living in this forest. In fact, they have a tribe. You believe that this is an old tribe because they already have huts and statues. While you were watching these people doing their tribal dance, someone grabbed you. This little man is from the tribe and he brought you to their council. Since you can't understand each other, you didn't have a chance to explain yourself. They don't entertain any visitors on their tribe. Everyone who doesn't belong serves as an intruder.

Because of this, they tied you in a tree so you can't escape. But thanks to your logic, you found a way to untie yourself. However, you are still inside this old tribe and you have to escape from this place as soon as possible. Play Old Tribe Forest Escape outdoor escape game from Games 4 Escape and look for clues that can help you to find your way out. Best of luck!

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