Old Street Area Escape Game

Old Street Area Escape

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It was the old street area from your previous trip that gave you an unforgettable memory. You spent the first few days of your vacation in the old area of the country. There was just something with the age of the place and the buildings that attracted you. You usually touch the structures and try to picture out how the people lived back then. You wanted to know the stories that took place at those time. To have a more realistic experience, you ditched the taxi and instead rented a bicycle. You were very thankful to your father for introducing you to a bicycle at such a young age. You wouldn't be able to experience the place like this if you didn't know how to ride a bicycle. Using the bicycle was very convenient as well. You could go to various places and they always had some parking space.

The one place that you really wanted to talk a walk at was the street area. The shops that were opened years ago still operated. And you wanted to experience each of them. So you left your bicycle at the parking space and began walking. However, you forgot to lock your bicycle. So you immediately returned to where you parked it. But it was no longer there. Play Old Street Area room escape game by WoW Escape.

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