Old Scientist Room Escape Game

Old Scientist Room Escape

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It's a  such a sad day because the old scientist on your school died. He is your idol since you were young. He was an inspiration and his inventions are the coolest. And since you knew each other for a long time, he entrusts you his laboratory. He wants you to continue all his work and provide the people the best inventions you could ever make. This could be a pressure for you but also, it's a great opportunity to showcase what you've learned with him. The chemicals are ready. The equipment is also on the table. You were mixing the chemicals when a big explosion occurred. You looked at the label and you realized that put the wrong chemicals. The smoke detector rang and this made the whole place lock down. There is fire everywhere and you are still inside.

You really have to unlock the door and escape from the old scientist room quickly. Good thing that the old scientist left some clues for emergency situations like this in his room and you can use those clues to escape. There are also lots of objects that you can collect and use to unlock the door. Time is running low. Play Old Scientist Room Escape room escape game by Games 4 Escape and escape as fast as you can. Good luck!

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