Old School Classroom Escape Game

Old School Classroom Escape

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Maureen remembers her school where she graduated and that's just one of her reasons why she wanted to return to her hometown aside from visiting family and friends. Maureen arrives and she greeted everyone who knows her and vice versa. There was so much happenings after she arrived and that's why she forgot about the school and she only remembered it a day later! Maureen didn't ask any questions or told anybody of her itinerary that day. She was excited to see the school and all, but when she turned to that corner which she did countless of times years ago, she did not see the school she went to before, for the structure was now in shambles!

Maureen didn't want to react at first for her emotions can get the best of her, she just thought that the place might be getting a renovation, well she was wrong. Maureen saw the interior of the place really neglected and everything is falling apart, she was cautious as she enters for it could be dangerous and the absence of people there could be saying so. Maureen wanted to see her old classroom, maybe she'll find it still okay and remember everything from back then, well she was wrong again. Maureen's old classroom was also partially destroyed! She began to question then what happened to the place even more seriously, well only to her self at least for there was nobody around. After a few moments, she decided she needs to get out of there for her emotions was really getting to her now. Escape players, will you help her out before she gets lost in there? Go ahead then and be very careful, for the place doesn't look stable anymore.

Old School Classroom Escape is the newest point and click abandoned structure escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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