Old Royal Mansion Escape Game

Old Royal Mansion Escape

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Mansions were your dream house. Ever since you were little, you always dreamed of owning a very big house. Then you happened to enter a shop that resembled a room in a mansion. Your dream fired up. You liked everything that seemed old yet still functional. If your mom didn't stop you, you could've bought a vintage looking phone. She reminded you about the rarely used phone in your house. And you still had renovations coming for your room. So the renovations in your room should be first. This was something good as well since you were able to save more. Then again, your love for mansions didn't decrease. You wanted to have some specific designs for your room. And yes, you wanted it to look like a room in a mansion.

You registered yourself for a tour and it wasn't easy. Many people wanted to enter the place as well. You had to have an online appointment before joining the tour. There were some people who cancelled their tours days or hours before the schedule. So you waited for those opportunities until you finally entered a mansion and your adventures started. Play Old Royal Mansion Escape room escape game by 365 Escape.

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