Old Pirate Ship Escape Game

Old Pirate Ship Escape

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The old pirate ship at the docks is just a replica from the one which sank hundreds of years ago, but almost half of it however was just recovered from the sea and was just rebuilt from it! It was a very hard task but experts have successfully done it. Items from the wreck were recovered and placed there, metal workings that can still be salvaged and some of the ships wood-work that have been well-preserved have been reinstalled there. Most of the ship are just replicas and built in the modern times, but some cannot be denied that it is from the original one, that makes the ship haunted and that had been confirmed many times.

As one of the cleaners and maintenance team of the ship, Adrian had a lot of experiences there and all doesn't seem to bother him, that's when something happened to him there one day and it crept the heck out of him. Adrian was left alone in the ship for a moment, that's because his co-workers took their lunches and Adrian already had his fill, but that proved to be a wrong choice being alone in the ship however, for he got trapped in there and he couldn't get himself out no more! Adrian had never experienced something like that before, but because he was way scared now, he can't decide on what he needs to do next, so escape players will you help him escape and quickly too?

Old Pirate Ship Escape is another new point and click old sea vessel escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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