Old Office Employee Rescue Game

Old Office Employee Rescue

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The office is running smoothly currently for everyone seems to have a rejuvenated mind and body, guess that daily recreational activity is really working great in making employees happy and relaxed, because of that they can provide efficient work and as always that's a pretty good thing. As one of the employees there, Larry can testify to that, for the recreation involves toy-gun fights and other stuff which kinda gives them the vibes way back when they were kids. The activity also enhances their compassion towards their fellow co-workers and that day, it will very much be tested at least for Larry.

Larry was about to report something to his department head that day when he realized his boss was actually in some trouble! Larry found his boss who was already a bit old trapped inside his office! Larry doesn't know what happened but at the moment, questions are brushed-off for he needs to rescue him first. Escape players, want to help Larry here rescue his boss by solving things there for the door seems to be jammed. Find things around the office then which can help.

Old Office Employee Rescue is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Ekey Games.

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