Old Man Mechanic Escape Game

Old Man Mechanic Escape

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Everyone in the village could not find this old man who was the only mechanic in the area for machinery is starting to break-down and businesses are one by one halting. That day Geoffrey who was waiting as well for his truck needs a little help too, finally went to the guy's house that day, and that's when he knew what actually happened to him.

Geoffrey found the guy trapped in his old house and it's a good thing he arrived, for if Geoffrey had gone any longer then he might have been done for. Nevertheless the old mechanic is now happy he is there to help him which Geoffrey will absolutely do. They really need a successor for the guy, at least to help him for his job requires his strength at times, a thing he is slowly losing. Geoffrey checked everything and he realized that the door could have been jammed for the house is really old, he needs to open that so the guy behind it can get himself out. Escape players, want to help Geoffrey here and see if you can? If so then do it quickly, for who knows how long that guy had been trapped in there.

Old Man Mechanic Escape is another new point and click house rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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