Old Man Escape From Cage Game

Old Man Escape From Cage

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You find yourself visiting a peculiar carnival. Your friend has invited you to visit the carnival because you did not have any plans for the weekend. You decide on the meet-up place and time. After waiting for several hours, it seems your friend will not be coming.

At any rate, you decide to just enjoy the carnival by your lonesome. After all, your health does not like stress.

The myriad colors, unrelenting blast of music, and constant chatter of people everywhere barrage your senses. You endure all these because it is the typical carnival experience. However there is one attraction that caught your eye.

Old Man Escape From Cage is an exciting and thrilling point and click escape game released by Games 2 Jolly. In this game, there is an attraction with a giant label that says: "Old Man Escape From Cage". As expected, the attraction is about an old man who must escape from being trapped, similar to the great escape artist Houdini.

Unfortunately for the old man, his act has gone wrong and cannot escape. The crowd has booed him and already left. Feeling pity for the old man, you try and help him escape. Throughout the area are clues that you must point and click to interact in order to solve puzzles. These puzzles are the key to helping the old man escape. Good luck!

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