Old Library Escape Game

Old Library Escape

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The ancient library has this secret and for generations people have been pondering about it. The library gets people trapped and lost, most of them can escape easily, but others would take hours until they figure the place out! That is one mysterious thing and nobody was able to find definite answers why is that even happening, but that day however Paul is determined to find-out what's going-on, so he went there and tried his best to get lost so he can try to get some explanation on such. Well he'll get what he asked for.

Paul is moving around the library at first checking the stuff there out and among other things, everything was normal but at some point though, something happened and now he can't navigate well! This is exactly what he wanted and now he'll begin to figure out what's happening here and of course escape himself. Escape players, want to join Paul here on this escape of his from the library by looking at things and manipulating them? Use your skills and logic here then and be ready for any obstacle that's about to come.

Old Library Escape is the newest point and click complex escape game from 365 Escape.

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