Old Institute Escape Game

Old Institute Escape

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There was an old institute you always saw in your dreams. It always felt like you had been there before but no matter how much you think about it, you couldn't remember being there at all. You even asked your parents about this and both of them were stunned with what you were saying. You couldn't get this place out of your mind. So you went to your workshop and started drawing it. You were not so sure if you were drawing it correctly. However, you wanted to get to the bottom of this mystery so you just had to try out everything. You thought of going to the library to show it to the librarian hoping she might have seen a similar picture of the drawing in one of the books. But instead of looking for books, the librarian immediately gave you a name of a place.

You immediately went to the place to check it out. Goosebumps formed on your skin as you saw how similar your drawing was. However, the institute was so old and abandoned even. This didn't stop you from exploring the place and discovering more about it. Play Old Institute Escape room escape game by GelBold.

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