Old House Escape Game

Old House Escape

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The old house in the old town is still standing there, it had been abandoned for years but Tom wanted to re-lit it and maybe bring some life back to it as well. He was looking to turn the place into a museum or something for there are still the old things which had been used before in the civil wars and it's quite nice. But first Tom must take a look around the house and gauge the place for how it is and maybe there are dangerous stuff inside which can harm him or its visitors.

Tom looked around the house and just lived in it for a few days, but one night when he was putting-up candles around for there is no electricity in the house yet and also, he forgot to set LED torches, something happened and it was definitely trouble. Tom was now locked-in inside the house for the doors would not open no matter how he tried! Tom was confused what was going-on for the doors were really sealed shut. It got even more confusing when he realized that all of the doors in the house would not open. He is starting to think this place could be really haunted. Escape players, Tom needs to get-away from the house for now for he is really not feeling comfortable. Want to help him out by finding a way out of there?

Old House Escape is another new point and click creepy indoor escape game made by 365 Escape.

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