Old Garden

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The old garden near the old house is weird, but the place is easily accessed though and that’s why a lot of kids have already got there and experienced a load of stuff in that area. The garden is actually a bit dreamy for even though it’s old and have not been maintained, some of its history which can be dated back to its early days can still be seen. As a person who is fond of old places and history, Anna went there for the first time after hesitating several times, and that day she finally has courage.

Anna also loves mysteries, that’s what one of the fuels that is pushing her deeper in the place and that day, she’ll get what she is looking for both good mysteries and bad. Anna uncovered a little bit of information about the place and it was great not too much but substantial, but the bad thing came in though and that was substantial enough to potentially compromise her safety! Anna just got lost in the garden and she couldn’t navigate out of there anymore! The place has some thick vegetation and that is making things difficult. Escape players, you will now be playing as Anna here and the situation is yours to try and solve. Will you be able to escape the garden there quickly now and safely too?

Old Garden is the newest point and click outdoors escape game created by Hidden247.

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Walkthrough video for Old Garden

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