Old Forest Officer Escape Game

Old Forest Officer Escape

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There is an old ranger outpost in the forest and an old ranger had been there for long because he loved his job and nature, he was constantly given rations there and comes out of his station maybe once ever week. Gerald was to send those rations that day, so he traveled far by ATV just to reach the station and when he got there he never expected to find the old ranger fixing an issue and it's not even a minor one!

Gerald found a human-sized box on the station's grounds and he thought what was that contraption? He then got-off his vehicle and check the box out, that's when he found the old ranger inside it! He clearly needs help and when Gerald asked what happened, he can't even answer straight. Looks like he is disoriented or something, probably from exhaustion as well as thirst or hunger, who knows how many days he had been in there and surely it must be more than one. Good thing Gerald is there, now he can help the man. Escape players, will you help Gerald here on this mission which had now turned into a rescue?

Old Forest Officer Escape is another new point and click wilderness rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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