Old Fisherman Hut Escape Game

Old Fisherman Hut Escape

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There are a few fishermen living in these very small islands and they are like drops of land in the ocean. Toby is slowly getting accustomed living in the place, for the kingdom where he lives had exiled him and in his mind he thought good riddance, all the good he had done for the kingdom and with only one mistake which he didn't really understand was actually major, this happened then. Toby gladly wants to see the kingdom fall because of bad governance of the evil advisors there, he feels sorry for the people though and he hopes to return one day to try and redeem himself, just for the sake of the kingdom's innocent constituents. That day, Toby wanted to visit one of his fishermen friends to see their catch and to see if the ocean is good for a haul that day. As he got to the hut, Toby found-out that his fisherman friend was actually trapped in there for who knows how long!

No wonder he didn't find his fisherman friend yesterday, he thought maybe the day wasn't good for fishing so Toby didn't even bother him. Of course, Toby will try and rescue his friend for he must be starving now, escape players will you help Toby here rescue his fisherman friend as quickly as possible?

Old Fisherman Hut Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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