Old City Square Game

Old City Square

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This Old City Square brings you back to the good old days. This is where you spent most of your childhood and it's so sad that no one goes here anymore. Seems like you are the only one who really fell in love with this place. There are so many memories in here so you took your time to roam around it before you leave the city. You are about to move to a different city with your family. So even if you want to stay in this square, you have to move on and leave this beautiful place. You are ready to go but looks like this Old City Square is not ready to let you go yet. There are puzzles all over the square that you have to solve first before you can escape.

Your family is already waiting for you at the car so you have to be quick. You don't want to get left behind so you have to hurry and gather clues that can help you to solve all those puzzles. This is another memory in the basket and you have to make it good. Play this outdoor escape game from 365 Escape and use your logic to escape from the Old City Square. Enjoy!

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