Old Age Man Escape Game

Old Age Man Escape

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Old Age Man Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Avm Games for another daring attempt to rescue someone who is trapped. Best of luck!

Old people in the village where Joshua lives are a valuable resource of experience and knowledge, that's why when one was in distress, he really got-out from his house and went to where this troubled person is. It was a good day that day as Joshua was relaxing in his house when suddenly another villager came-up to him and asked his help for that said old person which Joshua was close to got trapped inside his own home! Well because he is old and has little strength left in himself, he really can't do it on his own.

Escape players, Joshua has got to go for a save here for that old person who is trapped, he doesn't really know what actually happened but he must continue and of course, because he has no factual knowledge on what actually occurred to him, he must stay alert for anything. Care to join in with Joshua here for the rescue everyone? Go ahead then and have lots of fun with us daily! Enjoy with the rescue.

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