Old Abandoned House Escape 4 Game

Old Abandoned House Escape 4

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You were part of the special effects team ever since you finished college. It was not in line with your course. But it became your passion after getting to know an amazing person. You met him by accident while you were waiting in line in the cafe. He unintentionally cut in line and you immediately told him off. Instead of talking back, he laughed at your action. The other people in line let him stood after you. You had no idea who he was at that time. You left the cafe and received a call from your friend. She needed an assistant in the movie she was working on. She knew how much you enjoyed the behind the scenes happening. So she offered you a temporary job. Then again, instead of helping her out, your attention was stuck with the special effects team.

Your friend saw how interested you were and introduced you to the head of the department. It surprised you to see the guy you saw earlier. He wanted you start as a researcher and gave you an address to check out. It was an abandoned house. But instead of being scared, it inspired you. You roamed around the house some more for additional inspirations. However, you lost your way in the process. Play Old Abandoned House Escape 4 is an outdoor escape game by First Escape Games.

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