Old Abandoned House Escape 3 Game

Old Abandoned House Escape 3

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You weren't able to enjoy your vacation because of too much work. So instead, you just stayed at home most of the time and looked for other fun things to do. You discovered a website where you could design houses and have your designs bought by companies. You found it fun even if no one offered to buy your designs yet. After a few months of designing, you felt like you ran out of inspiration. You searched the internet but it just didn't ignite your passion. Then you decided to step out of the house and head out to other properties. Most of the properties you visited were abandoned. You didn't have any problems getting in and out of the houses. But the one that you really wanted to enter had a strange caretaker. He seemed too friendly and too willing to let you in.

You knew you shouldn't let your guard down but you really wanted to find out more about the house. So you took your chance. Upon entering the house, you could immediately feel the history that took place in the property. And it became overwhelming that you lost your way out. Play Old Abandoned House Escape 3 room escape game by First Escape Games.

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