Old Abandoned Hospital Escape Game

Old Abandoned Hospital Escape

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The hospital in the town was suppose to be the most modern one as it would have been the only medical center for the town itself and the rest of the nearby villages. But on the day when it was half finished however, funding suddenly stopped as well as support, that triggered the place's downfall and now the structure just stands abandoned and is just collecting muck and grime through the years. People living near it have lost hope that it will be finished for they have waited for years, so they just let that thing be. Well not for the young explorers living in one of the villages though, and one of them was Garret.

Garret and a few of his friends had set a date to venture into that abandoned hospital in the town, just to confirm everything including the fact that the place is haunted! As they arrived, they never thought that the place would be much bigger than they expected, still they entered for they don't want to waste time, well unfortunately for them the hospital will definitely waste such especially for Garret, for trouble comes to him unfortunately. Because the halls in the structure are twisting and turning, Garret got accidentally split-up with his friends and when he looked back, they were nowhere to be found! Garret is absolutely in trouble here, he already called for them but they sounded very far somewhere. This is getting very creepy and dangerous now, Garret is going to need some help here and in his mind, he really wants to get out of there. Escape players, want to help Garret here in escaping before he sees something he will never forget?

Old Abandoned Hospital Escape is the newest point and click complex escape game from 365 Escape.

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  1. Date: December 20, 2020
    Author: b165042407
    Hit me, cut me, but I can't understand the logic of the programmers. First, a riddle is given in the scroll (by the way, not difficult). And right there in the number puzzle, the answer is given! Moreover, it turns out that the riddle and its answer have nothing to do with it: just enter the numbers from the scroll in order and the puzzle is solved! "L - Logic". [Reply]

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