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Oklahoma City

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It's the home of the thunder! Oklahoma City Thunder is your favorite team of all time. However, you didn't know that your favorite player is playing with another team nowadays. You heard that he has a game at the Bay Area so you planned to check him out. You still have time to catch the game if you can escape from this place. The thing is, you don't know how to get away from here. You have a ticket for the game but you don't have a plane ticket. You spent all of your money for the game ticket. Because of that, you have to find a way to get a plane ticket so you can escape from this place. The good thing is, the people in Oklahoma are nice.

Somebody is willing to lend you a hand. However, there is something that you have to do for exchange. You have to do some errands. Since you don't have a choice, you have to solve the puzzle that will be given to you. Play this brand new point and click room escape game by Selfdefiant for Hooda Math and find a quick way to escape from Oklahoma City. Best of luck!

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