Office Room Escape Game

Office Room Escape

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Philip readied his report and he did a ton of work for it so it can be passed just before deadline, but as when Philip left his cubicle however to pass that said report, he found that he was alone in the entire office and he thought that's strange, for rarely that the place becomes empty, well except nighttime when everyone goes home. Still Philip wanted to pass his report so he went to his superior's room but when he tried to knock and jiggle the knob, he found-out that there is nobody behind it. What in the world is going-on here? Philip is quite confused now but little did he know there is more problems here in the office which can confuse him even more.

Philip tried the main office doors but the thing wouldn't open! Now this makes the situation a little more confusing, something is definitely going-on here and it can't be a prank for they never do that. Escape players, Philip needs to get himself out of the place here and find-out what in the world is going-on, want to join in the escape as well and see if you can get yourselves out of the office too?

Office Room Escape is the newest point and click complex escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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